UAB newsletter with important updates

Welcome to the first edition of UAB's Undergraduate Admissions Newsletter!
Welcome to the first edition of UAB’s Undergraduate Admissions Newsletter! Editions are released every few months to keep our counselors and their students up to date. 

Big news for a new school year!

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions at UAB has quite a few changes coming this year, and we want to make sure you and your students stay up to date. Check out the sections below to see what’s coming for UAB in the 2017-18 school year.


New GPA Requirement
Beginning August 2017, first-year freshman applicants will be required to have at least a 2.75 GPA for admission to UAB. 
New Freshman Enrollment Deposit
Students applying to UAB for the Fall 2018 school year will be required to submit a $200 Freshman Enrollment Deposit to secure their spot in the freshman class. $150 of the deposit will pay for Orientation, and the remaining $50 will be applied toward the student’s tuition bill for fall. Read more here.
New Degree Programs
Genetics & Genomic Sciences, Digital Forensics, Medical Sociology, and Immunology are among the newest programs offered at UAB. Read more here.


October 1  2018-19 FAFSA is available
December 1  Deadline to apply and be eligible for ACT/GPA-based scholarships (in-state students)
January 15  Deadline for Honors College Specialized Programs applications
February 1  Deadline for BSMART general scholarship applications (non ACT/GPA-based scholarships)
May 1  Freshman Enrollment Deposit deadline; Deadline to apply and be eligible for ACT/GPA-based scholarships (out-of-state students)