SLTC: Southeast Lineman Training Center

Check out their website:

You can find them also on social media (videos available).

Information is also available in the counseling office.

Auburn University

If anyone is interested in Auburn University, information is located in the counseling office.
Mary Davis Kennedy is our admissions advisor.

Jacksonville State University

Applications are open for Fall 2019 admissions.  Applications are online

There is a $35 application fee to apply.  The 2019-2020 Competitive Scholarship application period is October 1, 2018 to March 1, 2019.  Students must be accepted to apply for scholarships.

Auburn Application open 8/15

o   The Fall 2019 application will open Wednesday, August 15th on our admissions page- I encourage all students to apply early!
o   Deadline to complete the admissions application is January 15th.
-          Scholarships
o   The scholarship deadline is December 1st again this year. Students must be accepted before they can apply for scholarships.
o   All our academic scholarships for incoming freshmen are the same as last year – starting at a 28 ACT (1310 SAT) with a 3.5 weighted/cumulative GPA for in-state students.
-          Housing
o   Students will no longer have to pay the $200 enrollment deposit in order to apply for housing.
o   We are also changing the room assignment process. When students apply for housing, they will receive a time stamp depending on when they submit the application. They will then be able to log in sometime in the spring semester and pick their room on their own.
o   If your students or parents have any questions specifically relating to housing, please encourage them to call the housing office at 334-844-4580 or send them an email at